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Turmeric honey combines the virtues of turmeric, those of honey, but also the result of the interaction
of these two miracle foods.
This makes the mixture a formidable anti-inflammatory and analgesic, allowing to fight against all
pain, mainly pain related to rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis and all diseases
inflammatory: joints, muscles, skin, etc. In addition to soothing pain, it helps
relieve and limit inflammation.
A formidable health ally in prevention or cure at the rate of a teaspoon morning and evening during
two weeks.

relieve and reduce inflammation. Consumer service: Product and
packaged by Casa Dona Fonseca, beekeeper in the Douro Valley, Portugal. Store in a dry place and
protected from light Ingredients: honey extracted from our hives (95%), turmeric (5%). Beekeeper number:
Best before: 30/10/2024 net weight: 250grs

Turmeric honey

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