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The history of Casa Dona Fonseca

Producers, olive growers and beekeepers, with high-end catering professionals.

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Casa Dona Fonsecawas born from a meeting. A story of passion between two, guided by the same human values that decided in 2015 to open a new chapter of life, a madness that is obvious today.

This new start in the Douro Valley, allows us to extend the family tradition begun in 1837 and abandoned since 1968... By taking over the family lands abandoned by my parents under Sà Lazare, and other plots until giving meaning to our adventure.

Our names are Aline (Bordelaise) & José-Manuel (born in France from Portuguese parents).

Freed from our city clothes, and today producer-operators, we offer you through our range of olive oil and honey, all the values that the land and its labor teach us.

For this, we use ancestral working methods, combined with modern tools to practice a "natural culture", as virtuous as organic, but oh so much less expensive, allowing us to contain production and distribution costs.


Respectful of the earth thanks to natural cultivation processes, such as manures and fertilizers from surrounding farms.

Our commitment is to respect all the biodiversity of our fields, and to participate in a virtuous local economy.

Saving the bees remains our primary motivation as beekeepers, we dedicate several hectares to them, planted with melliferous flowers. Our apiaries are also surrounded by pine, oak and chestnut forests.

Our inspiration is to make you imagine by tasting our olive oils and our honeys, all the smells, mineral and vegetable, the colors, from the silvery green of our olive trees to the gray of the shale of our stone walls, all the positive energies that we transmit in every bottle and in every jar. So close your eyes...

Because the earth is precious, we take care of it...

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Quality products & family production



Unesco World Heritage, TheUpper Dourohas been producing wine and olive oil for some two thousand years and its main production, Port wine, has been world famous since the 18th century. This long tradition has shaped a cultural landscape of exceptional beauty which reflects at the same time its technical, social and economic evolution. This impressive cultural landscape is still profitably exploited by owners who respect traditions. Today we are part of those souls who contribute to shaping these fabulous landscapes.


Casa Dona Fonseca?

A story of women, an essential pillar and cornerstone of man's life, a tribute to my family name, to the traditions, to the family values that Aline, Dona Fonseca perpetuates today.

Quality products & family production

Casa Dona Fonseca moments


More than fifteen partnerships with big names in South-West gastronomy.

Farmers' markets, local markets, Christmas markets.

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