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Casa Dona Fonseca products

Producers, olive growers and beekeepers, with high-end catering professionals.


"Mild fruity" extra virgin olive oil

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A cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil, an extremely   selection of our olives, a harvest at perfect maturity, a blend of our olive trees with 70% Cobrançosa, 10% Verdeal and 10 % of picual, here is the secret of our recipe to offer you unparalleled softness and roundness in the mouth.

A floral attack, a body with complex aromatics combining a sweet bitterness, fresh grass and spicy citrus fruits, a finish that spreads out to reveal a bitterness of fresh nuts.

Ideal for cooking on meat and fish, a perfect combination with chocolate, strawberries and all your desires.

7 kg of olives = 1 liter

“Green fruity” olive oil

An extra virgin olive oil, with character, a first harvest of verdeal in advance for a concentrate of herbaceous aromas and green fruits in   attack, to glide on roasted notes of cocoa and 'almonds.

An exceptional fruitiness obtained   by cold extraction, with 60% Verdeal, 20% Cobrançosa, DU Cordobil and Picual, for skillfully controlled flavors.

Ideal on pan-fried or grilled vegetables, salads, poultry and red meats, but also in a frozen sorbet accompanied by fruit from the orchard.

7.5 kg of olives  = 1 liter

“Black fruity” olive oil

An olive oil obtained with a large proportion of Cordobil, associated with Cobrançosa and Picual, according to an ancestral recipe combining a   picking of overripe fruits and a _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_controlled fermentation process of olives for 15 days.

A unique fruitiness, difficult to obtain, for scents of humus after the storm, undergrowth and toasted notes.

Ideal on poultry, purees, steamed vegetables and chocolate.
Very limited stock!

6kg of olives = 1 liter




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The honey house

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It all started with a funny idea… The bees in peril, my greed for honey and its benefits, our hectares of fallow meadows, I tell my husband:

“I want to make my honey! ».

My husband answers me"What woman wants, God wants. "

And so began the sowing of meadows with honey flowers, a year of training in beekeeping at the University of Vila Real, and our adventure as beekeepers.

Today, I invite you to taste my honey flow, and all our products from our honey house.

Aline, Dona Fonseca.

From spring honeys to forest honeys, with our apiaries partners, we offer you a whole range of honeys according to the seasons.

Treat yourself to our ranges of well-being honeys, arranged honeys, pollen, royal jelly and propolis.

Your everyday health ally.

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